All Black, Everything

Spring break is over and I am heartbroken. I had an amazing break with Rose and we went off on a little adventure. If you’ve been following us on instagram (@sisterholics) you’ll know we spent a lovely couple of days in New York. However, it’s back to reality for the both of us, Rose is off to work and I’m back at Uni again. So to mourn the loss of the holidays I chose an all black outfit.


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Snowy Heaven

Zurich has been wet, cold and miserable but I didn’t mind this one little bit – mostly because of the beautiful snow.

I love it when it snows, it just make everything more beautiful and magical. The white cast of little snowflakes always remind me of fairytales, especially back at home in Switzerland. Nestled up in the mountains it almost feels like you are in your own secluded little world. Everything else just falls away.


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I have been on the hunt for a pretty pair of baggy leather pants (or maybe joggers describes them better) for a while now, but the few finds I did manage to search up and low on the internet for were either extremely expensive (Hello, I am not going to pay 800 bucks for a pair of joggers!) or just didn’t look quite right to me.


Still, dreaming of outfits like this, this or even these, I never fully let go of the idea of the joggers in my head. So when I randomly popped into Zara during the sales period and saw a pair of joggers for basically peanuts (peanuts, i tell ya!) I jumped on them and held them oh-so-close to me. What a steal!

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January Haul


Well January just zoomed by, didn’t it? Whooosh!

I still recall how as a little girl I would perceive time to go by so slowly. I would wait and wait until school was out, Christmas time, the first bloom of spring, summer, heck! I would wait and wait impatiently until dinner! Now time just rushes by and I can barely grasp how quickly it flows yet along make the most of it, all in all still trying to figure it out. I guess that’s all part of growing up old!

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