Our first day in Bali began at night.

Having spent a full day traveling from London to Bali, we arrived ready to explore, to explore the soft blankets and fluffy pillows at the Sofitel in Nusa Dua.


Just before we were ready to jump on the soft clouds of pillowy heaven, I had to have a little nibble. Having had a stressful exam period filled with bad food choices, I have long given up on a summer body and ordered a burger, “extra truffle fries please!”

Shortly after we dozed off into a food coma, thankfully we didn’t have to go very far to get to bed.


The next morning we awoke and began our busy day with a quick dip in our little pool, got dressed and headed to meet our guide.

The first stop of the day was Uluwatu Temple at the south end of the island.


The temple sits at the edge of a cliff and is built on three different levels. We climbed up the stairs of the temple but could only reach the second level, the uppermost level is only accessible for priests for prayer.

IMG_6619.JPG_effected-001 The temple was one of the many temples built by Dang Hyang Nirartha on Bali.


Along the cliff a pathway is being built, we followed it through the forest to reach a more secluded area.



Along our way, we met some little felons who we were warned about. They snatch up anything: sunglasses, necklaces and other sparkly things.

IMG_6602.JPG_effected IMG_6600.JPG_effected

We left our furry friends and continued on our little trek, in matching skirts.



IMG_6609.JPG_effected IMG_6606.JPG_effected

IMG_6618.JPG_effected IMG_6613.JPG_effected


IMG_6586.JPG_effected IMG_6582.JPG_effected-001


Along our way back we met some local kids on a school trip, they gladly joined for a group selfie shot.


The heat and humidity in the morning was enough for us to get sweaty and tired so we sat for a little bit of a coco-break. They’re just nut the same back home!



Having explored the temple for most of the morning, we drove to El Kabron for a late lunch and some relaxation.

My “hangry” face was showing, so we quickly ordered up something to nibble on.


Sparkling Sangria, polpette and the croquettes.




The special gambas paella, which they expertly plated in front of you.




Having finished every last bit, we headed off the Padang Padang beach. To even find the beach was a mini adventure, you pass many little furry friends to reach an extremely narrow path. We waited as people came up the stairs and then we carefully made our way down.

IMG_6656.JPG_effected  To this scene.

Padang Padang beach is famously known as where a beach scene in “Eat, Pray, Love” was shot. It was beautiful and serene, despite the number of people.

We sat by the rocks, feet in the sandy shores and let the little waves lick our feet.


Until a larger wave surprised us and drowned our cameras and bums in salty water. Having felt the jet lag and exhaustion hit us, we slowly made our way back up the narrow, secret stairs.


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