Bubby’s, New York City

Brunch at Bubby’s when I’m in New York is a must – and that is a big statement for me, since I say this with having only been to NYC twice.


Bubby’s is like your favourite American diner in a more rustic and organic touch. The tables are rusticly wooden, you’re surved water in gorgeous recycled large bubbyfied mason jars, and your waitress is the gorgeous American girl next door type with a scarf wrapped around her head as a headpiece.

The front of the joint (yes, I will be using the american slang here, as it is well suited) is rustically decorated with bikes lying on the sidewalk hinting towards locals biking over to grab a quick bite before heading into the city.  DSC00480 DSC00383 You walk in and you are greeted with tens of Bubby’s cups adorned on the walls alongside a Bubby’s cookbook, which I was so tempted to get.



You plump yourself down and the mason jar and menu comes a’running.



We ordered up a storm and then some extra coffee, tea and the whole shewhat.

Mr. British with us went all British (naturally!) with a English Breakfast – that got his nod of approval. These Brits! So hard to please with their tea!


Julie and I went more a cuppa each. Julie with her cappucino, and me with a soy latte.

Of course, you can see Julie eyeing my latte the moment it got there, so I had to protect it by holding it tight and close. DSC00397 DSC00394 DSC00392

Now i know I said brunch, but if you’re going to a place like Bubby’s Brunch can include burgers.

Amazing burgers, like this double cheeseburger beast:


The veggie burger for Julie.
DSC00421 DSC00420

I just have to share another shot of the massive burger: DSC00419

Just look at that thang! DSC00414

And typical scrambled eggs, bacon and gritz with apple smoked sausages on the side brunch: DSC00426

We munched away happily, yapping away with the scenery. The waitresses zoomed by with their buns and scarves, checked up on us a million times, and we just enjoyed every – last – bite.

Filled to the maximum, there was no way we could order dessert. On top of that, it was Brunch not Dinner!

But, alas, we decided to have a peek at the dessert menu, because well, why not?, and it kind of just went down (or up?)hill from there:


Who can resist such a gorgeous menu?

So we went for the double trouble: root beer float and the mother trucker.


DSC00448 DSC00454 DSC00458
We slowly attempted the try and were mind-blown.

DSC00469 DSC00464

The Mother Trucker consists of brownie cheesecake, homemade oreo cookie crust, vanilla ice cream, and hot delicious chocolate fudge.

We were smitten. DSC00463 DSC00461

Clearly, some more than others! DSC00459 Now, properly happily fed, we said our see you soons to Bubby’s and sped off to do some sightseeing.

Right towards the Rockerfeller Center. And right up to the sky.


Oh hey, Empire State Building!

Julie was blown away from the views, it was making her hair go all crazy.
DSC00304 DSC00298

But she loved it! DSC00297

We took it all in and had picked the best day possible. Blue skies were surrounding us and the concrete jungle was in full force. DSC00292 DSC00293

We peeked down to the asphalt ever so cautiously only to turn around quickly and steady ourselves. DSC00249 DSC00247 DSC00245 DSC00227 DSC00225 DSC00224
DSC00213 DSC00202 DSC00201 All in all, a glorious experience.

Which needed to be celebrated by nothing else but the doughnuts from Dough, an artisanal handcrafted doughnut joint.

We picked up a handful and more, split them into bite-sized pieces, and shared all the amazing flavors.


DSC00499 DSC00491 Oh how much we love New York!

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