The Big Apple, Day One

Coming back from New York, we jumped right into a crazy hectic schedule. Work was busy, university wasbusy, and I havent had a chance to see Julie since then. I think this has to be the longest we’ve gone from seeing each other in a while. IMG_5282 1

Anywho, I finally have a bit of a breather to finally post some New York pictures! Eeek! I can’t believe it has been over a month already, it feels like we were just there yesterday.

New York – what an amazing city. It was my second time, and Julie’s first, so I was so excited to show her what I had seen and tell her all about what it was like for me first to see it. Plus, don’t even get me started on the food. So much food! While compared to London, New York probably doesn’t have that much more eccentric food choices, coming from Geneva, I was in food heaven.

Which is exactly how I felt when we touched down in New York. We grabbed our bags off the baggage belt, ran for the yellow taxis and sped off to see the skyskrapers in the far distance, slowly growing and growing, and the closer we got, I could sense my and Julie’s excitement growing as well. We reached Manhattan and we were jumping in our seats!

Unfortunately, since we arrived quite early, we were not able to check in to our room yet, so we dropped off the heavy bags and thought we might as well head out and grab some delicious food somewhere. Julie thought she’d give the infamous NYC taxi hail a try.



Strangely enough, it worked! And there I was thinking she was too short to catch a driver’s eye. Just kidding, Jules!

We plomped down in the most adorable joint in East Village and ordered up a storm.

IMG_5232 IMG_5230 Two jet-tired looking gals.. ready for food! The first place on my to-try list was Root & Bone. Root & Bone was an instagram find of mine, and finally, after stalking and drooling over all their pictures, I was able to get my fingers on their crispy, succulent deep fried chick’n.


But lets not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Starters first, of course!

We kick started the post-travel appetite with some drunken deviled eggs. It was our first time trying deviled eggs, but having seen pictures of the weird texture of the eggs, we were a bit nervous. Even more nervous when the eggs came served… pink.

IMG_5221 I skeptically tried it.. and decided then and there that I love deviled eggs. There is nothing wrong with a combination of eggs, egg yolk, and mayo. Perfection. Especially if the egg whites are egg pinks!

IMG_5354 1

Then, they brought out the mains.. and sides… and other extras.

IMG_5233  We ordered:

1) bucket of half a bird of crispy chicken: sweet tea brined, lemon dusted, spiked tabasco honesy chicken

2) cram cake and warm goat cheese omlet, with green onions

3) fried chicken & waffle sandwich, served with whiskey maple syrup, on a waffle topped with cheddar.

I cheddar just at the thought of this bad boy. And yes, I am back on my puns people!  IMG_5223

For sides we got the root & bone signature bacon, which is bourbon cured and smoked pork belly with spicy maple sauce and this crazy loaded jacket potato topped with cream cheese and more cheesy deliciousness with wait-for-it more sides of pork belly.

We dug in, and somehow, somewhere, we managed to eat it all.


Which of course, called for a celebration, of desserts! IMG_5234

Out came the sticky toffee pudding with whisky foam and stout ice cream and the caramel and chocolate bar, coated with chocolate ganache.


There was no stopping us now.

Spoons and arms were crossed and interlocked, each trying to get the biggest piece possible. IMG_5249 1
We cleaned up the plates crystal clear (I may or may not have licked it) and ordered two cups of coffee for digestive help.


Happily fed, we sped off into the settling blazing sun of New York City and went off to see more of the city’s wonders… like the softest hotel bed and the best post-traveling-and-indulging-nap ever.

More on the upcoming experiences of NYC soon!



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