BLT Steak

We’ve already introduced you to BLT Steak here before and after the amazing breakfast we had, we decided we simply had to go again! Actually, during our week in Miami we went to BLT three times: once for breakfast, once for lunch and once for dinner. We couldn’t get enough!



I’ll start off with some outfits details for a change of pace. We actually took these pictures after the dinner so forgive the slightly tighter-than-normal belt (I regret nothing!), Rosie smartly used her jacket to hide the “evidence”.


Rosie worse a lovely H&M top that I have the intention of borrowing for indefinitely. She coupled it with a Mango bodycon skirt,  Asos Jacket, her gorgeous Steve Madden Heels (current cravings!), Prada Bag, Zara Necklace and Michael Kors watch.


I wore Rosie’s H&M top (lace tops just work with everything!), Easy Pieces pants which I coupled with my new purchases: a Tory Burch purse and Michael Kors heels. I borrowed the Forever 21 belt from Rosie.


I think I may be using awkward poses as a form of deflection from the fact that I cannot pose at all. Or maybe I’m a great poser, I’ll let you decide for yourselves.


Secret agent pose. Its quite successful, really.



Fling hair blurry face pose.


So now, onto the food… Well, cocktails first.

We both ordered the Miami Heat -which is a BLT speciality. The heat comes from Milagro Silver, Chipotle Syrup and Fresh Lime Juice. It was sooo so good I almost decided to support the team.



First up on the menu was Rosie’s tuna tartar.


I may or may not have stolen some of Rosie’s avocado with the soy-lime dressing and let me tell ya, the combination of the soy sauce and avocado was just the right amount of tartness and creaminess.

She also had the and crab cake salad, cause, you know, one starter is just way to mainstream.


You saw how my full body poses are still a bit awkward (to say the least), but my hand modelling skills on the other hand (well on both hands actually) can no longer be concealed; I actually got some tips from a professional.

Check out the skills below where you can see the BLT bread pops that are served up with some home made butter – such a nice extra touch. They were still warm and fresh from the oven.


Please notice the hand posing skills! Perfection.


Another Goodie on the house (more for Rosie than me) was BLT Steak’s Chicken-Liver Pâté. Rosie basically inhaled it, so I am guessing it was good.

I ordered a roasted beets salad (don’t worry, it’s not the only thing I ate).


Oh noooo, can you guess what happened?

IMG_1718 IMG_1721


I dropped the beet! (*cue uproaring laughter*).

Ahh, okay calm down the laughter folks, lets go on to the mains!

Rosie ordered her NY Strip steak.



Cooked to Rosie’s subjective view on perfection (aka medium/well).

Somebody surely enjoyed her supper!



BLT Steak is, as the name implies, still a steak house, so it was a bit more difficult for me to find vegetarian dishes. Rosie suggested we ordered plenty of sides to share since I couldn’t eat any of the meat dishes. We ordered hen of the woods mushroom (definitely my favourite), jalapeño mashed potatoes (second favorite), parmesan gnocchi, and BBQ corn (both of these were also amazing but the first two definitely hit the spot).


The jalapeño mash started to make us feel the heat, so we ordered another round of Miami Heat to match the outside temperature. Not much later, the giggles arose.

IMG_1726 IMG_1748



After we struggled (and I mean really struggled) to finish everything they SUPRISE! brought out more on-the-house Goodies: these warm, fresh Madeleines.


I forced myself to try one and I am so glad I did. Feeling stuffed and content, we slowly made our way back to the hotel to get some sleep and prepare for our next adventure.

Just looking at these pictures again is making me seriously hungry. Or maybe its just the fact that it’s almost lunch time! *hints at the end of post to run off to get lunch*.



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